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AwesomeWM/Arch: Custom search function

May 8, 2016

A quick discussion of how I added a search command in Awesome WM in Arch linux

After seeing someone use Awesome WM in Arch linux, I decided to try and learn installing and configuring Arch Linux as well as Awesome WM. I really like the idea of a 'scraped' system which only contains what I have told it to contain. Awesome WM looked like a nice window manager, so I al ... (read more)


March 21, 2016

A web application written in django which tracks car fuel and costs

The Mileage project is basically my first fully-fledged web application. It features a very simple user system based on the django auth module, and some nice-to-have statistics about you fuel usage and costs.

The whole project is written in Django and designed using a really simple Boot ... (read more)